National Conference of Regenerative Medicine and Surgery

The actual status of the future medicine

June 12, 2014,                                                                                                                                                                     The Romanian Academy, Bucharest

The event is organized by the International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Surgery ( ISRMS) together with the Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology “N.Simionescu”  and the Institute of Infectious Diseases „Prof.Dr. Matei Bals”, Under the Auspices of the University of  Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”.

The International Society  for Regenerative Medicine and Surgery represents a crossing point of the natural sciences representatives and those from the clinical practice, at a national and an international level, dedicated to patient’s wellbeing and to the improvement of the quality of life and care.

One of the main objectives of ISRMS is to shortcut the way from the scientific discovery and the development and implementation of new concepts of therapies in the present medicine.

 News in research and clinical practice in the regenerative medicine and surgery – these are the main topics of this year’s edition.

Romanian and foreign specialists from all medical sciences and from all specialties will gather together, as  being an important part of the international scientific community, concerned of the newest developing directions of a new medicine and surgery, which is a vital part of every public health system.     

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Prof Alt Eckhart – Co president ISRMS – about the future of regenerative medicine.


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