Become a member of the association “International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Surgery” any natural or legal person established in Romania or in any other location, submitting a written adhesion in this regard, demonstrating an interest or concern about the Association, and intends to contribute with its work to fulfill the aim and objectives of the Association.

– Membership is acquired through adhesion approval by the Board.

– Membership of SIMCR resident doctors, specialists or primary with infectious disease specialty, psychologists, and researchers in the field of infectious diseases or related disciplines, as well as higher health medical staff (biologists, chemists, biochemists, physicists, etc..) And any other natural or legal persons who are interested in the business of the Association and support its work – including medical students.

– Application for membership is approved by the Board of Directors.

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF MEMBERS. Members of the association “International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Surgery” have the following rights and obligations:

8.1.1 RIGHTS:

(iii) to freely express their views on the proposed projects of the Association;

(iv) be appointed by the Board as representatives of the Association to the local and international entities;

(v) to engage in the activities and programs organized by the Association;


a) to comply with the statutes , regulations and decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of the Association ;

b ) to contribute to the goals and objectives of the Association through financial support , material, moral and voluntary activities within programs / projects initiated / conducted by the ” International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Surgery “

c ) fulfill other obligations stipulated in the Regulations adopted by the Association.

d ) not engage in any activity that could adversely affect the reputation of the Association, which was viewed by the Board , or which may affect and / or injury to any member of the Association;

e) to pay fees and annual fees and to abide by its commitments to the Association ;

f ) to participate effectively in the programs of the Society by scientific papers , research studies , scientific papers , etc. ;

g ) respect the decisions of the General Assembly , even if they voted against or did not participate in the General Assembly ;

8.1.3 . If committed by members of the association of the following deviations :

1 ) denigration of the association ;

2 ) taking actions detrimental to any kind of association;

3 ) employing joint action that has not been authorized by the governing bodies ;

4 ) association involvement in political activities ;

5 ) violations of professional ethics and moral contained in the Rules of Organization and Operation of the association ;

6 ) the commission of criminal acts for which he was convicted by a final judgment ;

7 ) for persons belonging to the management of the association , systematic non-participation in the activity management structure has been chosen , it will apply the following penalties:

a) warning;

b ) severe warning and ultimatum ;

c ) fixed-term suspension from the association or from the management according to the Statute of the Association;

d ) exclusion .

– Loss of membership

Membership shall cease :

a) withdrawal

b ) in case of committing offenses under section 8.1.3 , if ineffectiveness of sanctions provided in par. (7) , points a, b and c by written resignation to the Board of Directors in the following situations :

– Breach of statutory provisions and judgments of the management of the association;

– As a result of a conviction by final court decision for committing criminal acts inconsistent with the mission and principles of the association;

– In case of non-payment of dues for six months;

Dismissal is made by the Board of Directors of the Association by decision.

Appeal against the decision may be filed within 15 days from notice . Appeal shall be addressed by the General Assembly .

Of the registration decision and to resolve it in the General Assembly of the Association membership is suspended.

c ) by disqualification ;

d) death.

Removal from the membership of the Association may be made by the Board , if a member has ceased to fulfill the obligations as stipulated in the statute or the inadequate performance of its obligations to the Company .

Disqualification is accomplished by the Board only where a member acts contrary to statute , contrary to internal rules or resolutions against the company or prejudicial , unduly Association .

If the quality of the member ceases during the year , the annual contribution to be paid for the entire year .